What our Customers say...


First and Foremost I would like to thank the SERVPRO of Oyster Bay they were On time, very professional and ready to meet my needs when I required them the manager and the rest of the staff made sure I understood exactly what was going on and what needed to be done to resolve the issue once again thank you SERVPRO of oyster bay I would definitely do service with you all again and recommend you to many more people

Now that sanitizing everything is so important, we reached out to have our gym taken care of by SERVPRO. I can reassure my customers when they come in and our business can continue to thrive under the “new normal.”

It scares me to think what would’ve happened to my home if the SERVPRO staff hadn’t been so quick to arrive. Thank you for your thorough approach and for your patience with me.

I never thought of mold in my home, but when the basement flooded, I knew I had to take action. The best decision I ever made was to call for help in eliminating the threat of mold.  They were super thorough and quick.

When we found mold in my dance studio, I thought I would have to close forever, but your team made it easy to fix the problem and welcome my students back in virtually no time. Now I know we’re safer than ever.

When our toaster oven caused a kitchen fire, I thought I would have to replace all my cabinets. When your technicians cleaned the ashes and treated the cabinets, they looked better than ever before.

I had no idea of who to call after rainwater leaked through my windows and soaked my furniture. SERVPRO helped me dry all of it and toss whatever we needed to. The team is so easy to work with.

The SERVPRO team is super quick and thorough in their process. When you see them in action you can tell they know how to work their equipment to make the process seamless.  I highly recommend them to all my friends.

A small crack in our ceiling got bigger during a storm and we were worried about the water sitting there. The team that arrived looked at that spot and inspected all of our roof for other damage, including the attic insulation.  Very thorough in what they do.

I couldn’t believe the amount of water in my living room after the upstairs bathtub malfunctioned. Thank you SERVPRO for arriving so quickly, cleaning everything up and repair my drywall!

My wife and I expected to find many problems in our fixer upper, but mold wasn’t one of them. As much as we need to be frugal, relying on professionals to help fix our problem is well worth the investment.  Definitely sharing your information with other homeowners.

I was so pleased by SERVPRO and how professional its team is. They arrived when they said they would, and they did the work they set out to do.  They also communicated with us throughout the whole process.  They are very easy to work with.

All my savings are tied to my business, so I am thankful to anyone who helps me protect it. Thank you SERVPRO for your service and for becoming part of our safety plan!  Can’t wait to recommend you to my colleagues!

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but it became clear that I was in over my head. The minute the arrived at my home I knew I was in good hands and trusted them to do the job.  Now that they’re done, I know I made the right decision.

We had a fire in our storage shed and thought we had lost everything we keep in there. Your fleet arrived quickly and helped us decide on what we could clean and keep and what we needed to toss.  They even took care of hauling it to the dumpster.

When we discovered damage in our home, we weren’t sure how significant it was. We called SERVPRO to help us take a look and explain to us what needed to be done.  They went above and beyond in explaining everything in simple terms and telling us how it could be fixed.

My parents' home had a funky smell coming from a closet. The team at SERVPRO helped us figure out what was wrong and clean the mold away.  Now I feel better that my parents are no longer breathing mold day in and day out.

Our sandwich shop operates under strict standards and SERVPRO was amazing at working under them. They understood what it meant for us to be closed and how we needed to resume operations as soon as possible.

When my friend recommended a restoration company to fix damage to my ceiling, I wasn’t sure it made sense. Now that I’ve seen what you can do, I recommend them to all of my friends.

Everyone knows that taking care of the water in your home after it floods is crucial, so SERVPRO’s quick response probably saved us a lot of trouble. Thank you for being thoughtful and understanding during such a difficult time for our family.

Managing my rental properties from another state is challenging, but SERVPRO helps me by coordinating cleanup and restoration services whenever I need them. Very happy to do business with them.

My craft room (in the garage) was at risk when the washer broke, but you lived up to your promise and pumped the water out in almost no time. My craft paper, beads and paints all survived thanks to them.

I don’t have time to waste coordinating contractors and services, so when the technicians committed to taking care of all aspects of my problem, I decided to trust them.  Best decision ever!  My home is now in great shape and I can move on with my life.  I recommend them to anyone with a busy schedule.

I had never heard of SERVPRO before, but your quick attention to our home when a major pipe burst will make me remember you forever. My belongings are now safe and sound!

My husband and I weren’t sure of how to coordinate the cleanup and the insurance claim when our kitchen caught on fire. The SERVPRO team helped us every step of the way and shared their own documentation to help us.  We’re so happy we called them.

I had no idea that a restoration company is what you need after a flood.  I thought insurance took care of it all.  I hope I never need to call SERVPRO again, but thank you for coordinating so many moving parts. I encourage anyone who owns a home to call you in their time of need.

SERVPRO understood my need to keep operations going after a pipe burst. They helped create an environment where this was possible and worked quickly to put everything back in its place.

I had low expectations when I called SERVPRO since I had never called a company like this before. But when they arrived quickly and explained what they would do to return my house to normal, I was sold!  Now I tell all my friends and family how simple the process is with a professional on the helm.

When my business flooded, I called your company thinking they had more powerful equipment than what I could rent at the grocery store.  To my surprise, they were much more than that!  They discovered water in places I didn’t even think to look and have now protected us from mold.

I was nervous about having strangers drying my home after my water heater leaked all over the floor, but your professionalism put me at ease right away. I appreciate how thorough the staff is in everything they do.

Our old house has a lot of character AND plenty of problems, so we knew we needed the best to take care of it.  A friend recommended SERVPRO and we’re very glad she did.  They helped us take care of many issues from start to finish.  Now we recommend them to OUR friends too!

I spotted a brown spot on my ceiling and thought I could just paint over it. Thankfully a friend recommended I call an expert, so I called SERVPRO and they found a leak causing the problem. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they hadn’t taken care of the leak and the water sitting there.

My restaurant plays a role in the community because we work with a local nonprofit to provide meals to the homeless. When a fire shut us down, I worried about those who depended on us, but SERVPRO had us up and running very quickly.

When the storm flooded our family room I though I could fix it on my own. After many missteps I finally put myself in your hands and it’s the best thing I could have done.  Let the experts handle what they’re good at.

We had tried everything to get rid of the musty smell of our new house when we finally decided to call SERVPRO.  With their help, we detected and cleaned up all the mold in the house and now we can all breathe easier.

When I found residue inside my closet, I knew I needed expert help.  Your specialized team did not disappoint me, and they were super quick and thorough.  Can’t imagine trying to clean everything on my own!

My son left the water hose running and it flooded our crawl space.  Next thing I know, the team arrived with its huge pumps and took care of the problem quickly and without disrupting our daily routine.  Definitely recommending this great crew to all my friends!